Integrity, innovation, reliability and transparency are the values that guide us every day to ensure the development and scope of ELLESPORT Canada brand.


We are working with suppliers and subcontractors who are sharing our vision, and who are certified according to compliance standards of the Labor Code. Prior to our collaboration, they had to demonstrate that their staff is treated fairly, equally and ethically, with respect and dignity.


ELLESPORT Canada is against:


  • Forced labour;

  • Work of children under the age of 15, or younger than the age of compulsory education in the country of manufacture where the age is greater than 15 years;

  • Harassment and abuse;

  • Work environments that do not comply with health and safety standards;

  • Non-compliance with local, federal, national and international laws, and regulations, including, but not limited to, those relating to child labour, wage conditions, hours of work and immigration.


To ensure that its code of ethics is respected, ELLESPORT Canada has deployed employees in manufacturing countries who ensure that suppliers and their subcontractors remain compliant at all times.


Together for a better world!